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hypnotizedbyjyi asked - "YOU WERE AT THE SUNDANCE! So cool! I was too, this gig was beyond perfection. Love your blog!"

Awww! Everyone have enjoyed this gig so much, I’m so happy. Probably the best Placebo performance I’ve seen in person.  It’s pretty hard to come back to reality…isn’t it?

London gig was amazing. So intimate with such a warm atmosphere. I’m so moved and grateful. Words can’t say how much Placebo mean for me, but I know some of you will understand perfectly.

Ps: my friends took some good photos (coming soon!)

Two days to London gig

Can’t fucking wait!


Hell, he is looking GOOD! 

Placebo - For What It’s Worth; live at HMV Picture House Edinburgh  25//04/2012

Welcome back Placebo

Listening to Placebo live at Cabaret of Desire (2001)

One of my favourite performance ever.